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    Hibs set up to win today, and win they did, well without really getting out of second gear. Many of us mump and moan about the artificial pitches, but for me, Hibs thoroughly enjoyed playing on that pitch today, first half particularly, the players played a number of nice, crisp passing moves and I would say all three goals and a few opportunities more came for good, fast passing moves.

    A large Hibs support turned out, on a warm sunny day in south west Scotland, with one particular banner remembering Hibs boys no longer with us. A fine tribute to fellow members of the Hibernian Family. RIP brothers.

    I mumbled last week about how teams sit in, credit to Queens, they tried to play open attacking football, all be it with a dirty edge. They are not a patch on the Queens team of last season, but I admire the 1000 or so locals who stick with them. We popped into their centre pre match, indoor fitba for kids, well priced café, club shop all under one roof. I liked that, proper football club.

    Main changes onfield for Hibs were Darren McGregor in for the injured Fontaine and a straight swap of Boyle for Dom Malonga. More on both later.

    In one of the easier parts of remembering what I see every week, we have consistently good performers, today, it was the usual David Gray and Dylan McGeogh, joined by the strong and confident Darren McGregor and the hardest I have seen working Dominique Malonga.

    I felt we let the game dip second half and Alan took too long to make changes, learn Alan, we are simple punters and we see it, you must do too?

    The players

    Oxley had a good game, a clean sheet and other than the dodgy moment where you managed to get the QOS guy booked after you hesitated. Definitely improving.

    David Gray had a good game, he has been doing so for a few weeks now. See what I did there?

    Darren McGregor came in for the injured Fontaine and had a fine match, I like him, he is a no nonsense football player with a nice touch. First Class Performance, you have won your place son.

    Hanlon, made more errors than I have seen Paul make in years. You had a new partner and you are allowed to have the odd average game, you are still our most improved player son.
    Stevenson done well today, first 15 he was too far off his man and he made one boob but his fitba for the third goal was first class.

    Bartley’s job is to spoil and break up play normally. Whilst he did that quite well, we saw a new side or two to his game today, he played a bit more football and rather weirdly, he runs funny and no very quickly.

    John McGinn played, for me, out of position today in that funny diamond. Him and Dylan looked out of sorts so wide on left and right until we narrowed a bit second half. Was unlucky to kit the bar with a 22 yard free kick, unluckier to be taken off whilst Henderson stayed on tired.

    Dylan McGeogh worked very very hard, didnae shine as much as he normally dooes, but he makes Hibernian tick. I like Dylan, he is good, very good.

    Want to Liam Henderson to be a star, he is a fellow West Lothian Hibby now. First half he played well first 15 and last 15, scored a fine, well worked goal. He disappeared after 60 minutes, tired, I would have taken him of at that point, he had earned his corn. Alan left it much longer? Smashing first half pal.

    Jason got us an early goal, and done well right up until his petulance nearly got him sent off. Stubbs correctly hooked him before the incompetent dobber of a ref did it for us.

    Malonga – For me, Dom had his best 90minutes in a Hibs shirt, he didnae score,but did everything but. Shimmies, flicks, brains, runs through the channel, winning balls deep, its clear there is a good footballer in there bursting to get out. Well played Dom.


    Boyle – Came on, at first as a striker but quickly as a left winger, scored a fine goal after the hard work was done by Stevenson. Good goal Squirrel.

    Carmichael – On for John McGinn, Danny done well against Aberdeen, he looked like a wee laddie again today on the left as we dabbled with two wingers for two minutes. Dinnae let the big city get in the way of obvious ability son, we want you to do well.

    Stanton came on late for Liam Henderson, no time to do much.

    Stubbsy got it completely wrong last week, today’s job on Queens was very professional, clever team set up, good changes, if a little late, that was good Alan, the heather was not on fire as I drove home a Happy Hibby, but it was a job well done. See you at Goodison tomorrow lad, COYB.

    The referee was useless, its became my by-line. Today, and I hate to say this, that referee looked like he was cheating, those there know what I mean.

    Queens done their best, but they are not a patch on last season, their fans are dribbling away too, which is a pity given their excellent pricing structure.

    My man of the match was not easy, not many shone, but a couple looked good. Today it was between the return of the prodigal son, Darren McGregor or the appearance of the unpredictable ****, Dominique Malonga. I am giving it to Dom for his best 90 minutes in a Hibernian shirt.

    1500 Hibs fans in a questionable 2745 crowd, well played Hibernians.

    That was better Hibs, this is for Sydney Gary, who goes back to Oz having seen Hibs unbeaten on his trip home. Ripper mate.
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      1875 -
      Quote Originally Posted by SKII View Post
      I'll do Raith but with the Falkirk game being rearranged for the 20th I now can't go - I'll be in Walsall. Or Warsaw. One of them.
      Over to you Pish Stains. with me in the Pais Vasco and SKII in the Pais Black(sky)
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      Sir Shrink -
      No can do. Board Meeting for me.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Sir Shrink View Post
      No can do. Board Meeting for me.
      Your fired.
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      Superb result and a clean sheet; didn't think much of the pitch very bobbly and didn't make for great football. I too thought McGinn and McGeough suffered for being too far wide. An athletic team, Queens huffed and puffed and had a few good touches. Was my first visit to Palmerston; thanks to the steward who let us in after arriving horribly late and the kind locals who gave directions. Superb free kick by McGinn which rattled the cross-bar. I too was amazed by some of the ref's poor decisions. It's a mark of where we are that a result like this would have been viewed as a major achievement last season.
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      Quote Originally Posted by sauzee 1875 View Post
      Great report as always
      Tin hat time
      Is it just me or does to much play break down through Cummings?
      He took his goal well and not wanting to take that away from him. Though several times good play broke down with him and few times passes never found a man. Though a few times as I was close to the front heard him moan at himself so that will hopefully spur him on
      He will get 20 this season maybe I just want to much.
      But great result today first time I've been to Dumfries
      Dumfries is a bonnie wee toon,and I hope you enjoyed Yer visit.
      As for Cummings,his goalscoring is beyond reproach.His link up play in general has improved,but does come rather deep for the ball at times,which is a double edged sword and plays at times looking at his feet.However its a very difficult role tae play and very physical so u don't get it right all the time.
      He has been using his right foot of late,which is another improvement I've noticed,so tae answer Yer question I think yep its breaks down with him at times but he's learning,and with Jason he adds tae the team,arguably our number one striker for one so young.
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      Great reading! We need to keep it up and do it consistently week in week out beating they sectarian scum bags along the way.
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      LeitchyHFC1875 -
      Another excellent read, first game I've missed this season due to being down south for a wedding but nice to read about a very comfortable win at what most would've assumed would be a tough place to get a result.

      If no one else volunteers for the just back I'll take a stab at it for the Falkirk game!
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      Canon Hannan -
      We have a stronger squad than last year and I think that will show as the season goes on. This league is not over yet and with all the problems the Hun have off the field they may have to get rid of a few players in January so imperative we stick close to them.
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      Quote Originally Posted by LeitchyHFC1875 View Post
      If no one else volunteers for the just back I'll take a stab at it for the Falkirk game!
      Sorted. Leitchy you are on the Bairns game I'll do Rovers
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      Quote Originally Posted by Canon Hannan View Post
      We have a stronger squad than last year and I think that will show as the season goes on. This league is not over yet and with all the problems the Hun have off the field they may have to get rid of a few players in January so imperative we stick close to them.
      They might have to get rid of more than a few players if their money problems, and now Chuckles' bombshell, play a part. They might have to shed points for a second admin event. Wonder if they'll still claim to be the same club then when it's a 25 point penalty or will they be NewCo Huns so they only get clobbered with 15 points?
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      Quote Originally Posted by tricky View Post
      thanks for the report

      first away league game I've missed in nearly three years and there haven't been too many 3-0 wins in that time..

      well done Big G

      must win v the vile hun on 1st November and if we do things might get interesting
      I was on the No 25 going along the Links at 9.35 to get the supporters bus and tried to get your attention but you were busily pushing the bairn.


      BIG G
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      jockney green -
      as always a much appreciated report, cheers

      also respect tae you for mentionin the flag

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