• Just back and sometimes a win is a win...

    No quite Just Back as I have been supping IPA with Dr Shrink and Co post match. My home away game today, walking distance from my house, nice seeing Hibs all over my town pre and post match. For the record, Hibernian were not as good today, they huffed and puffed but Mark Burchill’s Livi team were well organised, positive and up for the challenge. There is a time in the recent past that Hibs would of lost, we didnae. Players that normally star, did not look right today, others look better and better.
    Like most weeks in the lower leagues we have premiership players looking good, today it was performances from Hanlon, Bartley, McGeogh, Henderson and Gray.

    As I say every week, we simply need to take the chances we get, if we dinnae we will live to regret it. Kill the opposition off early and we will win this league. Sorry lads, I am going to say it, Cummings, who I like, and Malonga, who is a bag of indifference, you have to do more, today Cummings touch was honking and Malonga missed his second sitter in 8 days.

    The players

    Oxley, had a good save or two again. Mark improves weekly.

    Grays pretty decent, my laddie pointed out he talks, and talks, something I didnae notice before. Looking like the David David Gray of last season and shaping up as a capitano.

    Fontaine, done fine but I have come to the conclusion he cannot header a ball properly. I will keep repeating that.

    Hanlon, yet another good game. Paul has gotten himself stronger and it shows.

    Stevenson was ok today, got tore in, behind a strangely quiet John McGinn.

    Bartley gets better and better every week, hard as nails and not shy to let them know Class.

    McGinn, I declare my love for this laddie. Today he was quiet, especially second half. You are allowed son, you are a brilliant player. For the record, you are better than that huntic prick Allan, classier too.

    Dylan McGeogh makes Hibernian tick, its simple. Smashing fitba player.

    Henderson, again strolled through the game. A good, big strong laddie who showed his stuff today, great goal, bossed his position and gives a shite. You may be owned by Celtic, but I would like to see you be part of the Hibernian Phoenix as a permanent employee, looked good very good at various points. His family seemed to enjoy it too.

    Malonga – Christ almighty Dom, we know you have something, but fanny baws attitude and missing sitters will get you nowhere pal.

    Jason Jason, Jason, you have the first touch like a trembling jambo as he approaches a swing park You are not one of them anymore, compose yourself, think fitba and mind to pass when your team mate is in a better position. Today you looked like a daft laddie moved up from the Juniors. Nae need, you have something, try and learn from your betters (they are your betters), ask about touch, decision making, when to shoot, when to pass. Your are raw son, raw as one the poor swing parkers who believed that Guntish chat. Learn to get better.


    Boyle came on for Malonga and impersonated him really, done nothing. An impact player who was given little chance to give any impact.

    McGregor came on for the impressive Liam Henderson, to form a weird last 10 back three. I would replace Fontaine with Darren v Aberdeen, shake it up.

    Feruz – Never got on, how no Alan?

    Stubbsy got us the win, but it wisnae great and it is simply too pedestrian, passy passy feckin passy. Killer instinct pal, killer instinct, lets batter teams first 20, get a goal, we will win, dare I say it win the league if we do?

    The referee was useless, its became my by-line.

    I have lived in Livingston on and off since 19 oatcake, I abhor the creation of their club. This is Hibs and Gorgie ****s country bordering on CelHuns central. The 600 or so souls who changed teams to support them know that. Onfield they are remarkably decent with some good players and a decent shape. They gave us a game and in Hippolyte, they have a player with a name like an energy drink, but a player none the less.

    My man of the match was tough as Hibs were pedestrian but today in Marvin, Marvin he could become a friend of mine, a big strong hard man, John McGinn is good, David, David Gray was more like last season, Paul Hanlon was defensively great today, but I thought Liam Henderson enjoyed his return home to West Lothian, his goal was a peach too. Liam gets the MOM for me, as a fellow West Lothian Hibby.

    In summary the most important thing is we were average today, but we won. We are a good team, the fitba is nice, we still shite it, we flap and the boss makes mistakes, but I enjoy watching Hibernian again, they are earning the love.

    As an aside, it was great to see the “band banned” back, ye ken who you are, proper Hibs fans allowed back supporting our club. Welcome home brothers.

    Fair enjoyed my pre match lunch session with Zondervan and Matthew, Deeks Second Coming (soon to be third?) and my gorgeous neice Kara for their first game of the season, and my mate and his equally lovely lassie Amelie for her first game. She wants to go next week. Post match mini-sesh with Dr Shrink, his sons, grandsons and great grand daughter, along with Gary, back from Australia and still loving the cabbage.

    Bring on the shaggers of the sheep, it’s a test, a proper test. Lets pass it Hibs.

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